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The body is a portal to our power.

Our pleasure and joy create a vibrational frequency & magnetic radiance. Our ecstasy is a healing balm for the world. Our orgasmic life force is a deep sacred prayer. NOW is the time to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY for the Good of ALL!

As Isadora Duncan once said, "You were wild once, don't let them tame you."


Sacred Circles

Our #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Inner Circle & Sacred Circle gatherings are containers of deep healing, sacred play, soul growth & alchemical transformation. This life-changing work includes ceremony and ritual, ancient wisdom, spiritual practices, depth inquiry, Qoya movement, expressive arts, The Sacred of Sparkling Shamelessly & shamanic healing so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin, return to wholeness, & express your full radiance in the world, SPARKLING Shamelessly for all to see. Come as you are, leave as MORE of who you are! Join us here!

Transformational Trainings

Our online courses, trainings & immersions are powerful containers designed to IGNITE you into your full soul expression & Ecstatic Embodied Leadership potential.  Through all of our offerings, our ultimate goal is to help you re-member who you truly are & why you’re here at this most powerful time in human by unleashing your bold creativity, innate wildness, primal power, fierce feminine courage & innate Sovereignty. Each and every one of us on this planet MATTERS and it is our collective calling to co-create our own lives as great masterpieces for the Good of All.

SSR Certification

The Level 1 Sovereign Sisters Rising™ Sacred Circle Leader Certification is an experiential education & certification program to learn to confidently, skillfully, energetically and practically hold fierce & non-hierarchical sacred space for collective RISING!! We dive deep into leading both live & virtual Sacred Circles in this guided course. It's Level 1 in our four part SSR Certification Program which will consist of 3 future levels: the Alchemist, the Initiator & the Shamaness coming in 2021. You can join us for just one level, all four or anything in between!

Transformational Sacred Sisterhood & Beloved Community

We're gathering womxn and gender expansive humans in both live & virtual sacred circles, online trainings, certifications & ceremonial journeys to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation so we can ROOT to Rise & SHINE together as Sovereign SiSTARS, Rainbow He(art) Warriors, & Sacred (R)evolutionaries.


Overall, we’re stewarding a Sacred (R)evolution® of love & reverence for our bodies, each other, our planet Earth and the great Web of All Life so we can co-create and dream a new world into being.

By learning, practicing and rooting into the 13 Pillars of The Sacred of Sparkling SHAMELESSLY in our trainings & #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Inner Circlewe BECOME the change and maintain a sustainable burn. We are needed now more than ever to unleash our DEEP gifts to meet the world’s DEEP needs!

Get started TODAY! Join our How to Confidently Lead Women's Circles Webinar


Do you yearn to gather women together in sacred circles for healing, play, soul growth and transformation? Want to get a taste of the medicine available here in the EEL Academy? Join us for a FREE one hour experiential webinar REPLAY where we dive into the basics of creating and leading your own women’s circles!

Welcome Beloved! I'm Lainie Love Dalby...

I'm on a passionate mission to free Human Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty. 

I'm a big-hearted Ecstatic Embodied Leadership™ mentor, bestselling , ceremonialist, holy healer, visionary artist, fierce trailblazer in womxn’s spirituality and leadership, and an overall catalyst of personal and planetary transformation. I'm also the creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution Multi-media Oracle Deck.

With my own flavor of multimedia ministry, I'm dismantling old systems, ideas and ways of being that promote separateness, dim our #SOULSPARKLE and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential. I'm also deeply passionate about ending our culture’s rampant disregard for LIFE, especially the overt & covert violence that’s perpetrated against the Sacred Feminine and our own bodies, by restoring sacred reconnection around the globe.


Get Ready to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY!



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