Produced by Lainie Love Dalby & the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy


80 Medicine Gems from Global Luminaries to ignite your homecoming, raise your vibration, shift your consciousness & transform your life! 

We're in a massive accelerated portal of change & emergence now. I know you feel the pulse of it too, Beloved. Especially since Pluto (the planet of transformation, rebirth & power) just moved into Aquarius (the sign of higher consciousness, the visionary humanitarian, & revolutionary) for a 20 year transit in March 2023. In honor of this portal of rebirth & the arrival of the second edition of the best selling Sacred (R)evolution Oracle Deck, we gathered a potent group of over 55 Global Luminaries. They are Grammy award winning performance artists, Hay House Authors, Priestesses of the New Earth, Visionary CEOs, Medicine Elders, Alchemists, Healers, Dancing Mystic, epic Astrologers and so much more!

Each interpreted one of the 52 cards in the deck and brought their own unique medicine and gifts to the celebration! There are music performances, rituals, ceremonies, movement practices, teachings, channeled sessions, ecstatic embodiment, shamanic journeys & more!  You don’t want to miss this incredible collection of medicine gems that will support you in igniting sacred (r)evolution and an ancient future consciousness shift! They are now available "on demand" with our LIFETIME Access Festival Pass! There's also the option to add on a year of community support too!

It's like a Multidimensional University filled with life-changing content worth over 3K for an investment of only $88!


Lifetime ALL Access Festival Pass


  • Get LIFETIME access to all 80 gems of healing and wisdom including songs, rituals, ceremonies, sound baths, shamanic journeys, crystal medicine, expressive arts, energy work and more! 
  • 55 free gifts from our presenters
  • 5 potent healing rituals with LAINIE love 
  • BONUS: Sparkle SHAMELESSLY 101 Virtual Course
  • BONUS Sacred (R)evolution Coloring Book

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance & The City of Joy!

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Marla Renee Stewart

Sexologist & Sexual Strategist

Laura Hollick

Artist & Creatrix of Soul Art

Irma Starspirit Turtle Woman

Maya & Taino Medicine Woman 

Tanya Paluso

Visionary CEO & Founder of Sistership Circle

Tami Brunk

Earth Sky Alchemist, Shamanic Astrologer

Maya Azucena

Artivist, Songstress & Grammy Award Winning Performing Artist 

Rochelle Schieck

Founder of Qoya Inspired Movement

Ankhara Rose

Sacred Music Artist + Song Priestess

Lettie Sullivan

Priestess of the Sacred Arts & Bestselling Author

Toni Bergins

Creator of JourneyDance

Sedona Swan Soulfire

Ritual Embodiment Priestess

Marval Rex

Guerilla Ontologist, Trans Sephardic Jew & Predictive Astrologer

Krista Nelson

Nature Whisperer

Astara Jane Ashley

Founder of Flower of Life Press

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Founder, Dean of the School of Sacred Arts

Virginia Rosenberg

Intuitive Astrologer & Creatrix of Sky Scholar 

Diana Dubrow

Scent Priestess

Mercedes Vasquez

Caliente Creatrix 

Bogar Argon Carrillo

Alchemist, Scent Priest, Healer, Catalyst

Hemalayaa Behl

Transformational Embodiment Coach & Founder of EMBODY Costa Rica

Shereen Sun

Artist, Hay House Author, Creative Arts Facilitator

Seadar Green

Mystic & Founder of Crystal Focus Alchemy

Zahava Griss

Dancer, Rooted Eros Ritualist, Coach

Queen Auset-Heru 

Priestess Of Ma'at 

Aurora Farber

Feminine Leadership Mentor & Intuitive Guide

Lyndsey Scott


Anna Bazarnaya

Alchemist & Founder of Maitri Verde Aromatherapy

Erin Duffy-Burke

Catholic Priestess

Beth Osmer

Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Whitney Freya

Creatively Fit Coach

Liz Neves

Herbalist & Founder of Gathering Ground

Ali Montgomery

Coach and Priestess

Erika Santos

Mary Magdalene Priestess

Kathy Forest

High Priestess ~ Life Coach

Auburn Lily

Starseeded Priestess for the New Earth

Rev. Dhyāna Kluth

Holistic Healing Minister, Psychospiritual Counselor, Evolutionary Mystic, Author

Barbara Biziou

Spiritual Alignment Coach, Global Ritual Expert

Tara Preston

New Paradigm Feminine Leadership Guide

Becca Kannapell 

Crystal Muse and Catalyst, Cofounder of POUND Jewelry

Catt Z 

Founder of Cosmic Smash Booking

Lainie Love Dalby

Festival Host & Creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution Oracle

Paola Ucelo

Transformation & Embodiment Artist

Jen Mazer

Queen of Manifestation

Veronica Iglesias

Priestess & Co-creator of the Jade Oracle

Elke Duerr

Interspecies communicator

Abiola Abrams

Hay House Author of the  African Goddess Rising Oracle

Vandee Crane

Indigenous Survivor Leader/Author/Wellness Coach/Grassroots Organizer

Omo Obatala

Olorisha, Priestess of Obatala, Wise Elder and Culture Keeper

Bernadette Pleasant

Empress, Creator of The Emotional Institute & Femme

Elana Bell

Poet, Sound Priestess, Creative Alchemist


Creatrix & Temple Priestess

Marin Bach-Antonson

Magdalene Rose Priestess 

Jocelyn Star Feather

Visibility & Thought Leadership coach, Spiritual Alchemist, & founder of Sacred Planet

This is a first of its kind festival & celebration!


Lainie Love Dalby, the cosmic creatrix of the new Sacred (R)evolution Oracle, teamed up with the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy to gather a potent group of incredible thought leaders & visionaries who have each interpreted one of the 52 cards in the oracle and brought their own unique medicine and gifts to this first of it’s kind festival & celebration in both 2021 and 2023!


For each of the 5 sections of the Oracle deck, there's a guided healing journey with Lainie Love and then a series of explorations of the oracle cards in that section of the deck!


It's like a Multidimensional Academy filled with Transformational Content that you can use to totally TRANSFORM your life this year! 


Here's the AMAZING medicine you'll receive with your Lifetime Access Festival Pass!


Re-member: Coming Home to the Body: 

From 2023

  • Opening Ceremony & Healing Ritual to Come Home to the Body with Transformational Catalyst & Festival Host Lainie Love Dalby 

  • Magdalena's as Scent Priestess Sacred Passage Guides with Scent Priestess Diana Dubrow

  • Shifting an Ancient Hatred to a Present Love Ceremony & Self Blessing with Multidimensional Shamanic Healer Lainie Love Dalby

  • Meditation to Clear & Balance the Root Chakra with Mary Magdalene Priestess Erika Santos

  • Sovereign Soul Foundations Masterclass with Holistic Healing Minister Dhyāna Kluth

  • 3rd Eye Rhapsody with Priestess Of Ma'at Queen Auset-Heru

  • Ancient Future Qoya Inspired Movement Class with Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieck

  • I Love My Yoni Affirmations with Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart

  • Sekhmet Sex Magic Ritual Meditation with Coach & Priestess Ali Montgomery

  • THE NEUX AEON: Ontology, Emotion & the Future of Humanity with Trans Predictive Astrologer Marval Rex

  • Goddess Embodied Music Video with Ritual Embodiment Priestess Sedona Swan Soulfire

  • Rebirth 2023 Guided Activation with Emergent Astrologer Tami Brunk

From 202

  • Sacred Art of Anointing Ritual with Bogar Argon Carillo 
  • Heal the Body Harm Moving Meditation and Sound Bath with Bernadette Pleasant 
  • Individual & Collective Root Healing Journey & Orgasmic Prayer Practice with Lainie Love Dalby 
  • Talk on Becoming the Medicine the World Needs with Vandee Crane 
  • A Channeling & Egg Cleansing Ritual with Omo Obatala 
  • The Spiritual Power of Eros - a ritual of dance and eros with Zahava Griss 
  • A Journey with the Priestess in the Mayan lineage with Veronica Igelsias


Re-wild: Coming Home to Mother Earth:

From 2023

  • Healing Ritual to REWILD & Come Home to the Earth with Transformational Catalyst & festival host Lainie Love Dalby 

  • Unlock Ancestral Healing with the Superpower of Sisterhood with Nature Whisperer Krista Nelson

  • Mycelial Web Walker Journey and Ritual with Herbalist & Author Liz Neves

  • Nature Ritual for Grounding & Rebalancing with Alchemist Anna Bazarnaya

  • Messages of the Magical Underground & the Herkimer Diamond Matrix with cofounder of POUND Becca Kannapell

  • Thunder & Lightning Guided Meditation with Scent Priest & Healer Bogar Argon Carillo 

  • Awakening Lemuria Within: Crystalline Water Code Activation with Starseed Priestess Auburn Lily

  • Fire Release Ritual & Ecstatic Movement with Multidimensional Shamanic Healer Lainie Love Dalby 

  • Sacred Water Ritual for the Great Mother / Great Cosmic Womb with Caliente Creatrix Mercedes Vasquez

  • Dancing and Dialoguing with Death (while remembering Re-birth) with Catholic Priestess Erin Duffy Burke

  • You are whole. You are here. You are home. Video Training with Mentor & Guide Aurora Farber

From 2021

  • Earth Star Chakra Meditation with Mercedes Vasquez 
  • Nature Reverence Ritual and a Retelling of the Lenape 4th Crow Prophecy with Krista Nelson 
  • Fall in love with yourself and ALL LIFE Video with Elke Duerr 
  • Oya and the Stars: The Galactic Frequency of Alchemy to Renew a World in Chaos with Jocelyn Star Feather 
  • Breathwork practice for the Sacred Rebels with Paola Ucelo
  • Lemurian Water Codes  A C T I V A T I O N with Marin Bach-Antonson 
  • You Matter Performance with Maya Azucena
  • Story medicine: White Snake Woman and Medusa - Healing the Twin Within with Tami Brunk


Re-weave: Coming Home to our Human Family:

From 2023

  • Healing Ritual to Come Home to our Human Family with Multidimensional Shamanic Healer Lainie Love Dalby 

  • The Power of the Sacred Circle & WHY We Gather Masterclass with the creatrix of the Advanced Sacred Circle Leader Certification Lainie Love Dalby

  • WARRIOR Music Performance with Grammy Award Winning Artist Maya Azucena

  • "Purity of Connection" Masterclass with Spiritual Empowerment Coach Beth Osmer

  • Personal Revolution - Opening The Cosmic Egg with the founder of Cosmic Smashbooking Catt Z

  • Haleakala Volcano Activation with Transformational Catalyst Lainie Love 

  • The Female Body:  The Most Powerful Shamanic Tool on the Planet! With Priestess & Coach Kathy Forest

  • Empower Your Message with Authentic Vulnerability with Publisher Astara Jane Ashley

  • NOTORIOUS RED WOMEN!!! with Founder Elayne Kalila Doughty 

  • Fierce Feminine Fire Flow to Channel Sacred Rage with Ritual Embodiment Priestess Sedona Swan Soulfire

From 2021

  • Installing Protection Light Shields & Crystal Grids MP3 & the Isis creation codes activation with Lainie Love
  • Wield Your Fierce Sword of Discernment ACTIVATION with Aurora Farber 
  • Queen of Manifestation Hum Sa Meditation with Jen Mazer 
  • Wonder Painting Meditation with Whitney Freya  
  • Embracing the Unknown with Mama Jaguar Ritual with Tanya Lynn  


Re-turn: Coming Home to the Web of All Life: 

From 2023

  • Healing Ritual to Come Home to the Web of All Life with Festival Host Lainie Love Dalby 

  •  Guided Galactic Gaia Unity Meditation with Transformational Retreat Leader Lainie Love

  •  Midwife the nü Earth with Soul Art founder Laura Hollick

  •  Breathing the Cosmic Tree of Life - Sound and Breathwork Ceremony with Sacred Music Artist Ankhara Rose

  • Become the Tree of Life Meditation with Global Ritualist Barbara Biziou 

  •  Shamanic Journey to Encounter Your Power Animal with Multidimensional Shamanic Healer Lainie Love Dalby 

  •  Wavelengths Change Things! : Soulful Singalong Mantra to Boost Your Bandwidth with Songleader Lyndsey Scott

  •  Liberate Your Feminine Soul With The Ancient Wisdom Of The Akashic Records with Leadership Mentor Tara Preston

  •  Oracular Astrology of 2023 with Oracular Astrologer & festival host Lainie Love Dalby

  •  Meditation to Meet Your Future Self with Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg

  •  Remember All Life is Sacred Channeled Message with Mystic Seadar Green

  •  Rainbow Birth Portal Meditation with Lettie Sullivan 

From 2021

  • Your Soul’s Calling Collage Process & Galactic Gaia Unity Consciousness Meditation with Lainie Love Dalby 
  • Cultivating the Art of Multidimensional Living with Lettie Sullivan 
  • Channeled Sound Experience: The Light Web of Creation with Elana Bell 
  • Cosmic Cauldron of Wisdom Ceremony with Shannon LaMere 
  • Fairy Falls Crystal Skull Transmission with Crystal Focus Alchemy 
  • “Oshun’s Secrets” Workshop with Abiola Abrams 


Re-birth: Coming home to your Authentic Star Power: 

From 2023

  • Closing Ceremony & Healing Ritual to Come Home to Your Authentic Star Power with festival host Lainie Love Dalby 

  •  From Codependent to Partnership: Shifting to the Circle Paradigm with Visionary CEO Tanya Lynn

  •  Embody Your Vision; A Movement Ritual to Awaken your Inner Wisdom with Transformational Embodiment Coach Hemalayaa Behl

  •  Do What Matters Daily Morning Practice with the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy founder Lainie Love Dalby

  •  IGNITE Journey Dance with Toni Bergins

  •  How To Awaken Your Inner-Artist & Live Your Creative Mission With Radiant Wildheart Author Sherren Sun 

  •  Breathing in the Energy of $$$$ Meditation with Master Teacher & Facilitator Lainie Love Dalby

  •  Flight of the Feathered Serpent Shamanic Sound Journey and Shapeshifting Experience with Medicine Elder Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

From 2021

  • Rose Rebirth Ritual with A’magine Nation
  • Sparkle SHAMELESSLY 101 Course with Lainie Love Dalby


PLUS 55 Free Gifts from our presenters!! 

Lifetime ALL Access Festival Pass


  • Get LIFETIME access to all 80 gems of healing and wisdom including songs, rituals, ceremonies, sound baths, shamanic journeys, crystal medicine, expressive arts, energy work and more! 
  • 55 free gifts from our presenters
  • 5 potent healing rituals with LAINIE love 
  • BONUS: Sparkle SHAMELESSLY 101 Virtual Course
  • BONUS Sacred (R)evolution Coloring Book

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance & The City of Joy!

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Abiola Abrams

The Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle is a powerful tool for healing, transformation and deep dives through the cosmos. Lainie Love Dalby is a beacon of transformational magic, beauty and wonder. The otherworldly, shamanic art and energy in this deck is a must for anyone in our community of lightworkers who wishes to expand their consciousness. Lainie herself is an Oracle — what a gift that she is sharing her spiritual oracular medicine with us. Each card in the deck is itself a temple.” 












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