Unleash the Wild & Erotic Feminine Within

The wild and erotic feminine has been caged, sterilized, censored & tamed in our patriarchal society. It’s time to unleash this energy in service to co-creating the new paradigm and channeling heaven on Earth here now through our ecstatically alive, pulsing & radiant embodiment. 

Join lightning catalyst & founder of the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy, Lainie Love Dalby for a FREE immersive ceremonial journey to uncage and unshackle yourself from the patriarchal bonds that hold you back from Sparkling SHAMELESSLY & authentically in your soul essence. Get the recordings instantly when you sign up.

Jump on a magic carpet ride of alchemical transformation as we dive deep into ecstatic embodiment practices, potent ritual, shamanic healing, expressive art, depth inquiry & overall quantum multidimensional expansion.  Get ready to come wildly & unapologetically ALIVE with the animating force of all creation & your full holographic diamond light.